GReddy Air Intake System

Induction Kit Opens Up Breathing On The FR-S

By Bob Hernandez

August 06, 2012

GReddy Performance has added its Air Intake System to the rapidly expanding marketplace of Scion FR-S goods. Engineered to perform best when coupled with its exhausts for the sports car, GReddy Air Intake Systems improve horsepower and torque through a cool air charge and by smoothly increasing intake airflow.

GReddy’s new multi-layer synthetic, deep pleated, dry filter element is said to offer improved filtration and also increase flow without the worry of allowing contaminants to foul up the mass airflow (MAF) sensor. The durable plastic kit replaces the factory tube and air box, coming ready to rock with a provision for the MAF built in and a high-flow sealed air box.

Like the OEM setup, the GReddy system pulls air from the nose of the car in a ram-style arrangement, relying on the momentum of the air rushing past the vehicle while it’s in forward motion. Performance gains are attributed to the careful air filter placement along with tuned variable diameter molded piping. The kit eliminates altogether the resonator box and so-called “noise generator” from the intake system.

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