Rocket Bunny Wide Body Install

From The Editors Of Import Tuner: The Shop Automotive Flares Our FR-S With JDM Kit & Paints The Scion A Custom Green

By Bob Hernandez

November 26, 2012

Photography: Gary Narusawa

Project Garage FR-S was an unqualified hit at the 2012 SEMA Show in November, owing its stunning visual impact largely to the execution of the wide-body kit install and repainting of the Scion sports car. The Shop Automotive in Culver City, Calif., handled the body work and paint, taking the car from run-of-the-mill to elite with the use of the GReddy X Rocket Bunny body kit, and from elite to completely one-off thanks to a custom color.

The Rocket Bunny wide-body aero kit – developed by TRA Kyoto and sold in the U.S.A. by GReddy Performance – comes in two packages, with and without rear GT wing. The complete kit sans wing includes:

- One-piece front lip spoiler, made in fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP); it extends 55mm and requires Scion FR-S or Toyota 86 front bumper only

- Side skirts, made in FRP, which requires drilling for installation

- Four-piece front over-fender and bumper trim, made in FRP; they install on the factory front fender, extend 40mm per side, and factory fender trimming is required

- Four-piece rear over-fender and bumper trim, made in FRP; they install on the factory fender, extend 65mm per side, and again OEM fender cutting is required

- One-piece rear under diffuser, made in FRP; it extends 60mm and requires trimming of the stock rear bumper

The complete kit with the GT wing – which is how we ordered it – includes the listed above and a seven-piece GT wing set, again made in FRP and rocking a wing plane measuring 1,600 by 380mm. Installation requires drilling for wing mounts.

Pricing for the kit without the wing is $2,700, and with it is $4,995. Because of the complex production schedule and exclusivity of the Rocket Bunny kit, GReddy will only offer compete kits at this time but plans on offering items individually in the future.

As for the color, Import Tuner Editor Charles Trieu and the guys at The Shop went back and forth on several iterations before deciding on the shade of green ultimately chosen. Rendering master Jon Sibal drew up a concept of what we hoped the car would look like, and then our FR-S was disassembled, prepped, sprayed, and finally reassembled over the course of three weeks before it was ready for SEMA 2012.